Marriage. As wonderful as it is, marriage is equally as challenging.
So much so that half of all marriages end up in divorce court and of the
couples that stay together, many are struggling! It is no wonder that 1
in 4 couples that have been married 25+ years are divorcing! To put it
another way, 25% of couples divorce after their Silver Anniversary! Are
you alarmed by this? We should be! That's why Coach Glen wants to
share with you some of the reasons why this is happening and what you
can do to protect your marriage from divorce or living unhappily ever
after. Join us as he shares 3 Crazy Experiments You Can Do to Revitalize
Your Marriage! so you don't become a negative marriage statistic. But
most importantly, so you will enjoy years of harmony and fulfillment
instead of just surviving and hoping your partner will experience death
so you can part.


We will answer the questions: What is marriage? If God
created marriage, why do so many Christian marriages end in
divorce? Does the 50/50 marriage really work? What is the
secret to living happily ever after? And so much more.

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